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In the world of computers there are so many questions to wrangle that it can sometimes be difficult to figure out where to start, so below we have listed several resources that might help with some specific areas.


Active Antivirus Protection – These are some of the options to help keep your computer clean from virus and spyware activity.

  • Free Anti-virus software to continuously scan and protect
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
      • Although basic in it’s functionality, Microsoft Security Essentials is a good scanner and protection utility and very easy going on your system resources.
    • AVG Free
      • AVG is a bit heavier on your systems resource usage then the Microsoft Antivirus, but it’s extra features can sometimes save you from an unfortunate fake website virus problem. This software while free will advertise to you the Pro version of the product. The Pro version is only a trail and after 30 days will either need to be bought or replaced with the free version.

Post Infection Removal Tools – remember, virus cleaning programs are a great place to start when trying to fix your computer, but often times it requires looking up manual fixes as well, to completely clean a machine.

  • Free malware and virus removal tools to help clean a malware infection –
    • Rkill –
      • Rkill is a utility designed to disable the malware long enough that you can start cleaning it off the computer. Normally once the malware is in the computer, it’s in control of everything that happens and it blocks your attempts to clean the system. Rkill will try to turn off the virus giving you a window to try to clean the computer without the virus interrupting it.
    • TDS Killer-
      • TDS Killer will check your system for RootKits, which will re-infect you machine when you reboot, even after you have cleaned the virus out. This is generally one of the first tools to run in a virus cleaning and can help increase your chances of success.
    • ComboFix –
      • ComboFix has been one of the strongest and best removal tools for malware cleaning for years. It’s compact and quick and very good at tracking down the malware and removing it.
    • JRT – Junkware Removal Tool
      • This handy and quick utility program will run a quick check through your system for known junkware applications and help you remove them. It’s fast and small and a good all around program.
    • Malware Bytes –
      • MalwareBytes has been a great utility for many years for pinning down and removing malware. Due to it’s popularity it’s often attacked when malware infects your computer, so you will generally need to re-install it if you have already been infected with malware.
    • ADW Cleaner –
      • Use this utility to clean up the remnants of the malware on the computer and to take a second look to make sure there are no other obvious malware problems.
    • Hitman Pro –
      • Although not always needed with the above tools, Hitman Pro can sometimes pick up pieces that others have missed. This software is not free, but will give you a 30 day trail when using it which should cover at least one virus cleaning.
  • Maintainence Software
    • CC Cleaner –
      • CC Cleaner is a great tool to help you clean up temporary files and general settings. It’s small size and quick processing makes it one of the top utilities to help keep the clutter minimized.
    • MyDefrag –
      • The defragmenting process can in some cases help to speed up your computer, but the defragmenting tool that comes with Windows has always been problematic. MyDefrag is a small and powerful tool for properly defragmenting your hard drive. The new SSD hard drives areĀ not meant to be defragmented and doing so can lessen their lifespan. SSD drives have built in firmware that handles all data management without any extra needed tools.
    • SpaceSniffer –
      • Space Sniffer is a great program that will give you a graphical representation of the used space on your hard drive, allowing you to quickly see where the bulk of your files are as well as the larger files. This utility is great to clearing hard drive space. Make sure you do not delete important system files!
    • Revo Uninstaller –
      • Revo is a great program for helping you uninstall those pesky programs that just don’t want to finish their uninstallation.



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